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Diverse Kindergarten


Outside The Box aims to develop inclusive communities so that children with language, cognitive or social difficulties can develop to their fullest potential.


We work with a context-sensitive, family-based approach. We will be pleased to serve you and your child with quality speech and language services based on the following principles:


1) - Creating an individual program appropriate to the child's specific developmental stage in a playful manner, using simple materials and integrating activities of different specialties into the same task to facilitate learning.


2) - Designing a program based on realistic, viable objectives suitable to each child's motor, neuropsychological and communication prognosis.


3) - Ensuring the integration of the family, child, and members of the rehabilitation team.


4) - Contextualizing the development program and integrating the child into the community.


5) - Supporting the family by employing an assistive network and meetings that provide information about their child's needs.

We provide home therapy sessions as well as online therapy sessions for the Calgary region.

  • Calgary

  • Airdrie

  • Chestermere

  • Cochrane

  • Bragg Creek

  •  Priddis

Our Values

  • Focus on the child’s self-acceptance and teach them to create their own goals, objectives, and coping mechanisms.

  • Respect the learning pace and the children’s ability to focus on a particular environment.

  • A family-based proposition, where the objective is to connect them to resources and identify strategies to enhance the attachment and development of the child.

  • Multidisciplinary experience and interconnectivity with therapists (SLP/OT), psychologists, physiotherapists


  •      Language Delays/Disorders

  •      Speech Delays/Disorders

  •     Articulation/Phonological Disorders

  •      Developmental Delays

  •      Early Intervention

  •      Autism Spectrum Disorder

  •      Social/Pragmatic Disorders

  •      Bilingualism

  •      Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD)

  •      Early Childhood Services (ECS)

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